Errr…I am back from the LA Marathon and Emerald Nuts 5k run. All in all, this weekend was awesome. We did come back with a few extra things including but not limited to my fubared ankle, lover boy’s upset stomach, his marathon medal, tons of good memories, and oodles of freebies from the Emerald Nuts Quality of Life Expo. Welpz, we stayed at the Wilshire Grand hotel and the place was pretty nice. The room size was extremely small and compact but I’m not complaining because both me n’ L are fairly compact. Hmm…the bathroom was like an airplane’s bathroom hehehe…there was no counter space to put anything. But the hotel was decent. And I will tell you why later. But on Saturday we arrived in LA around 12 pm. We proceeded to go to the Emerald Nuts Quality of Life Expo so L could pick up his runner’s bib, registration information, and goody bag. I registered late for the 5k too. But Leonard and I got the same goodies. Except he had preferential treatment during and after the race, a different T-shirt, and a medal. Well, that expo beats out any expo I’ve ever been to in terms of free loot. I mean Orowheat was passing out full sizes of wheat English muffins (6 to a pack!), Breyers was passing out sugar free ice cream bars, Mahatma rice was passing out small plates of rice, All kinds of marathons from across the country and internationally were passing out awesome Mizuno hats, Nike was passing out free Swag bag coupons to redeem at their LA store, Emerald Nuts were passing out full sizes of roasted nuts. Cereal Companies were passing out Cereals and granola bars, Astroglide, Jelly Belly, Salonpas, Tylenol, Neosporin, All kinds of energy gels, and power bar companies were passing out samples. We scored so much free stuff. This proved that running and the LA marathon really have a huge sponsership. Not like the Asian American Expo or Ski Dazzle. Just one big marketing scheme to get you to buy something. The coolest part is you only have to pay $10.00 for parking. Admission to the expo is totally free! So, if you live in LA don’t forget to go to the Emerald Nuts Expo next year before the LA Marathon. It’s like athlete’s heaven. Well, that evening we had to carbo load (Well, not me but Leonard did!). We ended up going to the Old Spaghetti Factory and waited an hour for a table. That’s cuz the place is cheap and sooo good. The four of us ate for $58.00 or so. We had salad, soup, hot tea, milk, pasta, bread, Italian cream soda, and Spumoni ice cream. Geee…talk about stuffed! After dinner, we crashed around 11 or 12 pm. The next day we woke up around 7:24 am for the race. Well we did our stuff and the rest is history. L ran the marathon in approx 03:11:58. Placing him overall at #211 out of approx. 21,000 people running the darn thing. But he’s pissed he missed the Boston Marathon qualification time by a minute or so. I finished my 5k in approx. 0:35:58 placing me overall 917 out of 2,465 people or so. hahaha…I’m such a jokeamal but hey I started training last Monday!!! Ah wellz, I’m so proud of my huuunny! Ta Ta for now!

Mood: La Di Di

What was Gay: Trying to go to the ‘family reunion area’ after the LA Marathon. Every freaking street was blocked off and I walked 5-7 miles trying to get there. As a result I missed my babe at the finish line and had to see them in the hotel room!

Aftermath: The lunch buffet at the Wilshire Grand was awesome. They had a carving station with thick, juicy slabs of prime rib,  turkey, and ham. They made this ham and cheddar grilled sandwich that was mighty tasty. Salads, cookies, fruit, and an array of desserts topped off the perfect post running lunch. My only qualms with it was that it was $22.49 for just me, myself, and I.


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