Okay, I’m a slacker…I haven’t been posting for awhile. But here I am again after a month or so. Well, the last entry talked about my engagement and inevitably the loss of singledom. Yes, I’m no longer on the meat market =) Retire me will you? Here’s a couple of things that is interesting…How come we are so bombarded by sensory information everyday? Lights? Noises? Horns? Gasoline Smells? The media? I mean I feel pretty overwhelmed with all these sensory inputs. My eyes don’t want to open sometimes and my ears are half deaf. Not to mention my brain is about to explode and my muscles are twitching every which way. I remember the simpler times when there wasn’t much to do. Now the workplace is like a constant battlefield. I am almost always behind by one chess move. To conquer my work load is always tangible near my fingertips but is so elusive that sometimes I just give up trying to finish so much and just relax. But today isn’t one of those days. I am actually on schedule and feel really good that the stack of papers near the corner of my desk have been pushed, numbers have been crunched, and my nerves are relieved. My nerves have been pretty much shot for the past week and a half or so. Now I feel alot better and maybe I can sleep peacefully. When I did sleep last week I actually dreamed about the most random things. Maybe my sheets are also to blame for my insomnia. But anyhoots I’m so relieved. Now, the only major event in my life is moving in with L. Yup folks, I will be moving out to my own place or should I say OUR own place in June. Playing house is so fun. I just wonder if I’ll manage my household well enough considering I’m such a lazy butt. I do think however that little grains of sand can form a mountain, so I’ve been setting miniature goals for myself to conquer everyday. Yesterday it was folding the clothes in my chair and cleaning up old magazines. Tonight it will be to get a new down comforter, vacuum, clean up the mess I made, and organize my warranty folder. Tomorrow, it will be to wash my sheets and put away my dry cleaning. Friday will be to clean the bathroom, fold my mother’s clothes, and take a bubble bath. See…all in miniature agendas that can be handled every night. The fun thing about moving out is that no one can tell you what to do. This is it…the furniture will reflect your taste. Everything is a reflection of yourself (or of yourself and your fiance who is moving in with you!). I mean take for instance before…when I was a kid I would argue with my mother that pink carpet with pink grout really wasn’t in vogue. But where would that get me? Of course my butt would be plastered to our brand new PINK carpet while I grew up in the apt. Everytime we got new flooring, appliances, and furniture I would most likely have a different opinion than my parents. So now I get to choose what I want in our home more or less. And L lets me handle everything because he trusts my taste. Or should I say we have potentially more or less the same taste than my parents and I. Enough talking…I’m going to go work some more.

Mood: Giddy

What’s New: I’m moving out! New computer at work. Starting to read good books again (I can’t fathom why I put reading down for so long! Maybe it was the eyes). New cutie friend Alissa.

Goal for my social life: Write one e-mail/ call close people across the nation/globe. I don’t want to lose touch so I’m going to make time to write to one person a day. Something brief but to tell them I’m still here and Wassup!?!?!

Goal for myself: Get a tooth, stop being so critical of others, get to sleep by 11 pm everyday, try to make a difference in the world.

Craving for: Nice, sweet smelling, and cool sheets I can just slide into and drift off to lala land. (NOTE: This topic isn’t about food!).

Career Path: You know what I wouldn’t mind doing? Being a lifestyle organizer. It’s almost like a personal assistant but you work for alot of clients. People are making more and more money but having less and less time to themselves. I would love to utilize my planning skills to take care of people’s lives. Time to look more in to that career…they make $45.00-$125.00 and hour!


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  1. Sosopig says:

    Yeh damn right girl, you get to choose your own furniture, carpet, whatever… and you’ll have a place that reflects both of you and L. =) So happy for you, hope I get to see the place someday… =)

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