Finally, an update of some sort…

Some may ask why I almost never wear lipstick or lip gloss. “Is it because you kiss too many boys?” I’ve figured it out! It’s because I eat way too damn much. It’s like put it on in the morning. Eat yogurt, fruit, juice, and lipstick. Put the damn stuff back on. Wipe off and eat lunch. Put the damn stuff back on, eat it all up while I workout. Put the damn stuff back on if I go out for dinner, and eat the damn stuff again. I can never have lipstick on. It’s just that simple. And for the opposite effect…I put lip gloss and lipstick on so I purposely avoid kissing any first dates, or boys etc…After all, who wants to smack lips with gooeyness. But I don’t have that problem anymore. Cuz’ I’m engaged. But still…I can’t stand eating lipstick and lip gloss. It’s so yucky bleh bleh. So, there’s your information about me for the day. Now get back to work all y’all slackers and stalkers. What do you think about lip gloss and lipstick? Give me your feedback people.

Mood: Rested. I actually woke up at 5:30 am naturally thinking that it was 7:30 am and time for me to go get ready for work. When in fact I still had two more hours of blissful sleep. aahhhh..refreshed.

Weird…I had the weirdest dream last night. I was actually Princess Di for one whole day. Even down to the scary fights I was having with Prince Charles. It was so surreal and gnarly. I mean it was nuttier than squirrel turds. I kept on pinching myself and all I could do was freeze in the body and life of someone I hardly even think about or know anything about. But it was so incredibly vivid. It really scared me.

What to do? Work, work, workout, more work, work, clean, pack, shower, eat, drop into bed and pass out. Repeat for the next 3 days.

M-Day is only 3 days away. I’m such a procrastinator. What packing did I do for the past 2 months? I packed my Lenox crystal dessert plates and bowls. Oh yeah and my Chinese tea set. That will be lots of help when I need to wake up in the morning and get ready for work. Really great help…Would you like some tea before work, honey? While I sip mine surreptiously naked at the dining table. Yah, the tea set is what I need to get by in life. Nevermind the clothes, pots, pans, and shoes. Nevermind, the toothbrush. I’ll just drink tea and eat ice cream. Impractical ninny = me. Have a nice day!

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  1. MrAccord says:

    WOohoo!!!!! Entertainment! Finally!!!!!!!
    Well…….lets see.  I’ve never been a big fan of lipstick.  Hate the taste of the stuff, after a kiss.  But gloss is awesome.  It’s shiney and you’d only gloss if you were wearing a nice outfit.  So lipstick=”no” and gloss=”yes”.
    Ice cream………I just had mint chocolate chip on a Rite Aid cone:)

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